Message to the Worldwide Grooming Market

After celebrating 7 years in US pet market, we have a strong message to the Worldwide Grooming Market:

HYDRA belongs to an INDEPENDENT company focused on the creation of special products with excellent results for Groomers. This independence allows us to choose the best strategy and offer unique services and products to our customers.


WE ARE 100% FOCUSED AND COMMITED in the Grooming area. Grooming products are our life. HYDRA is not just another line for us, IT IS OUR BEST LINE, where we pit all of our efforts and researches to develop products that can provide excellent results to worldwide Groomers!   It is a respected and unique brand, it is our pride.


There is an amazing active ingredients producer in France, that is one of our main suppliers. They have received many financial offers from big groups, but continued forward with their plans and remained independent. Now, Silab France is the world leader in active ingredients for cosmetics. We are going to continue to move forward as an independent company dedicated to excellence and to the groomers we create products for.


We import ingredients from 17 countries globally, design and produce the formulas in Brazil and export to 51 countries world-wide. 

Each day, HYDRA becomes more present, more relevant and more important world-wide. The future holds a great market opportunity for us to make the difference. HYDRA can and will become the NUMBER ONE brand used by groomers across the globe!!  


Thank you very much for choosing HYDRA!

Groomer of the Month

Congratulations to the winner of the July Groomer of the Month Contest, Erica Kellett hosted by Well Groomed and Hydra πŸ’œπŸ₯³


Groomer of the Month

Congratulations to the winner of the June Groomer of the Month contest Melissa Adley hosted by Well Groomed and Hydra πŸ’œπŸ₯³

Before and After

😻 Who doesn't fall in love with this little guy?
Once again an incredible transformation with Hydra products, amazing results with only 3 products! πŸ’œ✨


Before and After

We love the wonderful results we achive with Hydra πŸ’œ

Have you ever used the Flash Thermo Active Deep Conditioner Mask? Did you know that besides its 90 seconds Flash application, it also has Thermoprotective effect?

Let us know your opinion in the comments! 🐢✨